About Us

Velas AG, headquartered in Switzerland, is a new AI-operated dPoS (delegated proof of stake) blockchain protocol and an ecosystem on which one can build AI projects, dApps, smart contracts, tokenization projects as with Ethereum.

The purpose of Velas is to address and fix existing issues and challenges faced by most existing Blockchains, like centralization, 51% attack, nothing at stake problem, scalability, security, high upfront expenses, etc. It does so by using neural networks optimized by artificial intelligence to enhance its consensus algorithm.

VELAS is the backbone on which a whole ecosystem will run including crypto exchange, multisignature wallet and merchant platform. Companies such as Mind.AI are already building on the VELAS mainnet. Developers can integrate AI into projects or tokenise assets and use smart contracts for crowdfunding and transactions on the Velas blockchain. Velas enables up to 50, 000 with EVM Support. By comparison, the Ethereum blockchain currently supports roughly 15 transactions per second.

Learn more https://www.velas.com

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