Velas ($VLX) listing on DigiFinex today!

Today (18 August) Velas is excited to be listing for deposit and trade on DigiFinex

DigiFinex will list the Velas coin(VLX) today (18 August) while opening trading services for VLX/USDT at 16:00 (GMT+8) on August 18th. The specific launch listing schedule is as follows: 

  • Time of opening deposit: 11:00(GMT+8) 18th August
  • Time of opening trading: 16:00(GMT+8) 18th August
  • Time of opening withdrawal: 11:00(GMT+8) 18th August
  • Trading pairs available: VLX/USDT, VLX/BTC

In addition to the DigiFinex listing, the following events will also occur:

Event 1: 10,000 VLX exclusive for new users
During this event, newly registered users whose trading volume (buys & sells) of VLX/USDT reaches 100 USDT can share the 10,000 VLX in the reward pool exclusive for new users.

Event 2: Deposit VLX to share 40,000 VLX
During this event, users whose net deposits ≥ 700 VLX(net deposits = total deposits – withdrawals) can share 40,000 VLX according to the proportion of personal VLX net deposit amount. (Internal transfers are not included)

Reward calculation: Reward = (personal VLX net deposit amount/sum of all net deposit amount larger than 700 VLX) * 40,000 VLX

Event 3: Trade VLX to share 150,000 VLX

This contest is a net buy-in trading contest, and the winner will be determined by the net buy-in volume.

Net purchase quantity = total quantity of VLX bought-total quantity of VLX sold

Entry conditions: buy at least 1000 VLX

170,000 VLX 
230,000 VLX
310,000 VLX
The rest users who meet the conditions of the competitionshare 40,000 VLX according to the proportion of personal trading volumes. 

Event period: 11:00 (GMT+8) August 18th – 11:00 (GMT+8) August 24th
Rewards distribution: rewards will be distributed in 7 days after this event ends.

1. Only parent accounts can be used to participate in this event and to claim rewards.
2. During this event, users with dishonest behaviours (including fake volume, bulk registration, self transaction or matched trading) will be disqualified from this event. In severe cases, the account will be frozen.

Project name: Velas Coin(VLX)
Official website:
Block explorer:

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