Velas VLX Can Now be Used on Travala Travel Booking Platform

The Velas token (VLX) will soon be added as a mode of payment on the Travala platform, allowing users to pay for travel, accommodation and more.

Velas is incredibly excited to announce a partnership with Travala, allowing its users to purchase travel, accommodation and much more directly with the $VLX token.

We’re excited to announce a significant new partnership with the popular cryptocurrency-friendly online travel booking platform Travala in line with our promotion for the enhanced widespread adoption and use of our Velas token (VLX).

Since our launch in 2019, Velas has been widely billed as a potential major competitor to Bitcoin and Ethereum thanks to our unique artifical intelligence-powered blockchain architecture, which allows our platform to utilize AI to enable massive scaling and robust security, while maximising on overall efficiency.

This incredible partnership with Travala comes just in time for our upcoming Velas 3.0 release, completely adapting the way Velas operates to become one of the true crypto superpowers for the 21st century and beyond. This is just a small step in showing how Velas and the Velas ecosystem, powered by our VLX token, can be adopted and utilized by the mainstream with a highly positive impact.

The Velas token will soon be added as a mode of payment on the Travala platform, allowing the platforms users to use their VLX tokens to pay for a wide variety of travel-related services.

Once added, VLX holders will be able to make bookings at over 2.2 million hotels and accommodations worldwide, and will also be able to pay for flights and activities on the same platform.

As per today’s announcement, VLX users will now be able to access up to 40% discounts when making their travel bookings via Travala compared to traditional travel agents, and can benefit from Travala’s best price guarantee offer — ensuring they will they receive the best offer available anywhere, even while paying in VLX.

The new partnership represents part of our broader plans to boost the utility of the VLX token and make it a viable alternative to traditional currencies.

Velas Founder and CEO Alex Alexandrov said: “Velas is changing the way we interact with and understand crypto, and this partnership is a step along the way towards our ultimate goal of a world where the Velas ecosystem is a normal part of everyday life.”

Besides using their VLX for their travel bookings, holders are also able to stake their tokens to earn regular rewards. This can be achieved by either launching their own masternode by staking 1 million VLX, or by delegating their stake through a supported pool, such as CoinPayments.

Expanding on this partnership with Velas, Juan Otero, CEO of, said: “We’re excited to be partnering with Velas, who are pushing the boundaries of innovation with their approach to blockchain tech.

“Together with the talented Alex Alexandrov — who also founded the ever-popular CoinPayments — and the Velas team, our sights are firmly set on furthering crypto adoption with new collaborative projects.”

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