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The most popular media platforms, such as TikTok, YouTube or Instagram, are still unable to provide services for content monetization that fully satisfy the needs of content creators.

The existing monetization tools within social networks are mainly focused on advertising, where their main goal is to sell the advertising goods or a premium account to the user to avoid intrusive ad placements.

Regardless of the digital immunity in the form of “banner blindness” on web resources, embedded advertising has an extremely negative impact on the growth of high-quality video content, as it is now aggressively imposed on users. Alas, this is another story that we told in our article about Privacy.

For this reason, bloggers resort to third-party services that allow them to evolve their channels, expanding their opportunities to interact with their respective audiences directly. As an example — Patreon, where the means and tools for content monetization are available both to the author and their audience. Streaming services are equally popular, allowing streamers to receive feedback and donations from their fans. Another simple method option to sell your own brand (merch, consultations, courses, etc.) is by website or marketplaces such as Amazon.

But why do bloggers have to use additional services for content monetization? Because this is the architecture of centralized media platforms. These systems are very bulky, and have strict boundaries that they can’t and won’t move beyond.

That’s why we want to solve this issue by developing a wide range of content monetization tools. Our goal is to create certain conditions for users and content makers through which they can quickly, conveniently and seamlessly interact with each other.

Fortunately, we’ve heard and experienced first-hand about the magic technology of Blockchain for many years. And it’s perfectly applicable for optimizing methods of content monetization. Especially to our focus, we’re interested in an integral part of any public blockchain infrastructure —a solid, usable, efficient token.

Tight tokenomics are an economical part of a blockchain aimed to ensure internal network functionality and transparent interaction for all its participants.

The reward system encourages participants by motivating them to work for the benefit of the ecosystem and thus the users. Through the use of an internal currency in the form of tokens, participants can instantly send and exchange funds without needing any third-party services. And if there is an exchange, there is also a sale.

Since BitOrbit is a fully decentralized social platform, based entirely on the Blockchain, we are creating extended tools and providing new opportunities for monetizing content, goods or services due to our advanced tokenomics.

Our BitOrbit content creators will have the following features available to them:

  • Creation of paid groups, channels, and applications.
  • Customizing the monetization and promotion of different types of content.
  • Flexible organization of the subscribing system and access to content.
  • Customizing a flexible system of motivation and audience attraction.
  • Creation of referral and partnership programs.
  • Staking — rewards from ecosystem participation and support.
  • Ability to create your own smart contracts for the sale of goods or services.
  • Decentralized storage for files and content with custom access levels.
  • Transparency and reliability of operations (thanks to blockchain technology, all information is available and unchangeable, no hidden mechanisms).
  • Resistance to censorship (decentralized community management).
  • Security and anonymity (user decides what information to provide about themselves).
  • No restrictions and limitations, no third-party advertising (nobody can control and interfere in the content producers work).

Now, creators no longer need to use third-party platforms for controlling content, coverage, monetization and censorship. All necessary features and tools will be implemented in BitOrbit, in one account. And the availability of a built-in crypto wallet will allow you to quickly and easily perform many financial interactions.

For example, in addition to buying subscriptions, goods and services from your favorite content producers, users will also be able to make a 1-click donation by switching to the influencers account. And unlike many other popular social platforms, all accrual and payments will come instantly, without any limits. More details about this are in our article about instant payments.

Subscriptions, donates, sales of goods and services — these and much more will be available on our Decentralized Social Platform BitOrbit.

Our main goal and mission is to move beyond the existing paradigm of social networks and change the balance of interaction with technology, making it genuine, transparent and secure with the help of blockchain. We are developing solutions focused on the convenience of the advantages offered by decentralized technologies, providing new tools for comfortable interaction between content makers and users.


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