Velas Leverages Solana Codebase to Become One of the Fastest Blockchains in the Industry

Velas is extremely proud to announce our alignment with Solana, allowing Velas to leverage one of the fastest blockchain frameworks in the industry and add EVM support throughout

Today Velas is proud to announce a building-on of the Solana codebase resulting in one of the fastest blockchain frameworks in the industry, Velas has now added support for Ethereum Virtual Machine, and Velas is going open source moving forwards.

Velas will expand upon the Solana codebase in order to obtain and leverage one of the fastest blockchain frameworks in the entire crypto industry, far exceeding previous framework speeds and those of competitors, while furthering the visions and aspirations of the Velas journey further.

Ethereum Virtual Machine will be supported on Velas as a development by the Velas team on top of the Solana codebase, allowing Ethereum DApps to run on the Velas Blockchain — now Ethereum developers can run their apps faster thanks to the advancements made under this Velas blockchain improvement.

These developments help solidify Velas as an industry-leading project with a truly forward-facing vision. By expanding our progress to fork Solana, add support for Ethereum Virtual Machines, and move into an open source framework, Velas is the number one place to turn to for a wider range of crypto services than ever before.

For more information, visit our website or speak with our helpful team over at our Telegram.


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